Urbana Flag Design Competition

Engage through expression.

Change through design.

Influence through art.

The Urbana Flag Design Competition showcases the creativity of residents, visitors, & artists in the Urbana area. Combining the area’s density of design talent with its engaged community will result in flag designs that represent Urbana’s history, landscape & cultural vibrancy.

After the December 15th deadline, a committee will choose the final 30 designs to be judged publicly on Jan 5th.

 The 5 overall winning designs from that night will be made into flags and displayed at future Urbana First Fridays. Winning designs may be used for Imbibe Urbana promotional material and products in conjunction with the designers.

Note: This is an “unofficial” flag design competition. There is no expectation that any design will be adapted as Urbana’s official flag… (but who knows?!)

Entries no longer accepted.

Urbana Flag Design Competition